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So, Your BMW Transmission Failed at 75K Miles? Betcha Didn’t Know it Was Made by GM

June 9th, 2009 · No Comments · Uncategorized

The Wall Street Journal has a letter today from dissatisfied BMW owner:

Q: I have a 2002 BMW 540i with less than 85,000 miles. I was thinking of replacing it with a 2009 540i until the transmission went out, as it is unusual for the transmission to fail with such low mileage. I have always had my car serviced by the local dealership. However, while BMW agreed it was unusual for the transmission to fail, they refused to cover the repairs. Now I am rethinking my decision to purchase another BMW. Can you suggest another sporty car to purchase?

Boy, does this bring back memories. The transmission on my 2001 BMW X5 also died a couple years ago. Two different mechanics who looked it over both told me it was made by GM(!) Naturally, it had been machined so that I could not just buy a replacement from GM, had to by a $6,000.00 BMW-specific version. 

A comment in this thread backs this assertion up. 

My X5 is a great performer, and very safe, but the whole “german quality” thing is a myth. It has needed scores of expensive repairs on little stuff (like electronics) that shouldn’t break. I should have learned from my dad who bought a 1991 300SL which was a total lemon.

Bottom line — if “image” rules in your mind, and you have loads of dough to blow, get that BMW. For me, it’s japanese from now on. 



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