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#VinsonEmbark Post Roundup

April 24th, 2014 · No Comments · Uncategorized

I was able to grab many of the posts surrounding the trip that I and a group of bloggers took on the USS Carl Vinson a few months back. Here they are.

Analisa Farias (@analisafarias):
Aboard the USS Carl Vinson
Blogger Embark 2014

Bill Wohl (@billwohl61):
The US Navy and Social Media / PR Best Practices
A Communications Lesson At Sea…
MG 5221 Best workout gym view anywhere

Brett Murray (@oyinbo):
A Different Definition of Service
A Different Definition of Service
Pre-Embark, A Few Saturday Morning Thoughts

Christian Rahl (@rahlxcb):
Catapult shot on the USS Carl Vinson CVN 70

Diana Weynand (@weynandtraining):

Jeremy Epstein (@Jer979):
What Can the US Navy Teach Brands About Being Social@Scale?
Life on an Aircraft Carrier, Part 1
Life on the Carrier: Big and Small
Why does it make sense that civilians go on an aircraft carrier overnight?
Life on the Carrier-“It’s about the sailors”
On Nicknames and Call Signs for Naval Aviators
Clarity of Communication-Lessons on Management from the USS Carl Vinson
Details Matter: How do you check for them? Lessons from an aircraft carrier

Kim Merrill (@KimMerrill):
All Systems GO for US Navy’s Distinguished Visitor Embark to USS Carl Vinson!
USS Carl Vinson Super Hornet Landing
USS Carl Vinson (CVN70) F/A 18 Super Hornet Catapult Take Off
Choreography in Air Superiority Aboard the USS Carl Vinson
USS Carl Vinson (CVN70) Hanger Bay
C-2A Greyhound Landing on USS Carl Vinson (CVN70)

Peg Fitzpatrick (@PegFitzpatrick‎):
Heading Off on a BIG Adventure with the @USNavy on #VinsonEmbark
Social at Sea: 24 Hours Inside the U.S. Navy
Connecting Military Families with Social Media
Heading Off on a BIG Adventure with the @USNavy on #VinsonEmbark
Night and Day: My Life vs. Life in the Navy
Heading Off on a BIG Adventure with the U.S. Navy on #VinsonEmbark
Fantastic article about the technical parts of the #VinsonEmbark
Tomorrow I’m leaving for my #VinsonEmbark mission with the U.S. Navy on the U.S.S. Carl Vinson

Phil Giordano:
Distinguished Visitor Embark to USS Carl Vinson (CVN70) Jan 22-23 2014
How the US Navy Had Me Arrested and Shot
Carl Vinson Completes TSTA/FEP

Steve Broback (@sbroback):
26 Hours on an Aircraft Carrier at Sea: Unexpected Takeaways
Tweet House Pals Converge for Aircraft Carrier Adventure

Steven Bustin (@stevenbustin):
USS Carl Vinson: Strength through people
Part 1: Tail-hook and Navy Pride
It Was Awesome But Are We Asking Too Much Of The US Navy?

Susan Keating (@SKatzKeating):
I’m Joining the Navy! On Board Ship, That Is: Embarking Aboard the USS Carl Vinson at Sea
Any of You Boys Seen an Aircraft Carrier Around Here? USS Vinson, Here I Come!
Confessions of Pre-Embark Jitters: What Should I Pack for My Trip Aboard the Vinson?
Embark Aboard the USS Vinson: “Bogies Like Fireflies, All Over the Sky”

FWIW, just to prove I too, can be a “wonky” blogger, my approach was:

  1. Search Topsy for the Hashtag #VinsonEmbark
  2. Copy all the text from all results pages
  3. Use the Applescript “Extract URLs” to grab just the links
  4. Paste them into excel
  5. Pivot table to dedupe them
  6. Automate the opening of them in the Chrome PlugIn “Copy All URLs”
  7. Tab thru them, close the ones that weren’t a fit
  8. Copy them back out via same Chrome PlugIn
  9. Paste into Excel and dedupe again
  10. Copy/paste titles and add author names manually
  11. Make excel calc to create HTML for titles and links


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