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520 Rebuild Way More Expensive Than Previously Thought: I Called it Back in July

November 20th, 2008 · 3 Comments · 520 Bridge

Jeez, who would have thought that cost estimates from 2006 would be way off from today’s numbers? I did. Maybe I should be hired as a consultant for the DOT. Here’s Ron Paananen of the WSDOT today, regurgitating my comments from July: Paananen says the governor and legislature still have to finalize a plan to pay for the […]

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Taxes for Highway Funding Plummet: Washington State’s “What Me Worry?” Legislators to Forge Ahead With Overscaled 520

July 27th, 2008 · 6 Comments · 520 Bridge

Regarding the massive new 520 planned north of the existing bridge (massive, yet provides no additional general purpose capacity…) I’ve been agog over how Governor Gregoire and the WSDOT are somehow able get by with using 2006 cost estimates for the project, so here’s another astonishing revelation they’ll no doubt ignore as well. The Wall […]

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Dumb and Dumber: Gregoire and Rossi Debate 520

July 24th, 2008 · 1 Comment · 520 Bridge

An extremely entertaining news bit appeared on KING 5 last week. Both Rossi and Gregoire mess up royally as they debate what to do about the crumbling 520 bridge. First, pay close attention to what slips out from Rossi at the 1:33 mark: “It’s just going to get worse and worse and worse…we have businesses […]

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